About Us

About SNDA

Our Vision & Mission


To be the recognized leader in the field of nutrition and dietetics in Singapore.


To uphold the professional standards of the nutrition and dietetics community by promoting the growth and advancement of members and collaboration with relevant stakeholders.

Our Organisational Strategy

The Singapore Nutrition and Dietetics Association (SNDA) is a professional organisation for Nutritionists and Dietitians, founded in 1984.

SNDA promotes the advancement of nutritional science, improving relationships between Nutritionists, Dietitians and other allied health professionals. Over the years, SNDA has been active in organising continuing education events for the professional enrichment of its members. SNDA has been actively involved in organising and supporting professional meetings and seminars to facilitate learning and advancement of the profession.

To serve the nutrition and dietetic professionals, SNDA provides the following:
In addition, SNDA serves to link the public to credible information in the field of nutrition and dietetics, and is regarded as a thought leader. The Association also works closely with other professional bodies and the government, to support health promotion and wellbeing of the population.

Key Objectives of SNDA

  • To protect professional interests of Nutritionists and Dietitians in Singapore.

  • To advance the knowledge and skills of Nutritionists and Dietitians in Singapore to provide evidence-based practice, education and research.

  • To provide professional advice on matters relating to nutrition and dietetics to the public.

  • To establish strategic partnerships to enable closer cooperation between Dietitians, Nutritionists and other stakeholders.