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ELDEX - Eldercare Exhibition and Conference

Professional Competence

Thu, 27 Oct 2022 at 09:30am

The second edition of ELDEX Asia (the Eldercare Exhibition and Conference) will present a comprehensive spectrum of new and innovative solutions, products, services and technology by leading manufacturers and brands from around the world for the rapidly ageing Asian societies. ELDEX Asia focuses on active ageing by emphasising on nutrition and exercise via its medical conference. This year, ELDEX Asia convenes content to enable you to acquire knowledge in two broad areas. First, from a medical perspective. We are proud to partner with the Centre for Healthy Longevity (CHL), National University Health System on a series of presentations to shed light on GeroScience. Join us to learn from experts including a keynote presentation by Prof Brian Kennedy, Director of CHL about the latest discoveries and implementation of new biomarkers for healthy ageing and the importance of adding healthy years of life by delaying ageing, prolonging disease-free life, and maintaining high functionality. Second, curated by the Chairman of ELDEX Asia’s Advisory Committee, Dr Tan Jit Seng, there will be presentations on the importance of diet and exercise to promote better ageing and reduce years in frailty. Prof Samuel Chew, Senior Consultant Geriatrician at Changi General Hospital, will deliver a keynote on the topic: Malnutrition, Sarcopenia and Frailty in Older Adults: Intervening Early with Nutrition and Exercise. We cordially invite all doctors, nurse, allied health professionals and eldercare professionals to join us in this exciting line-up of events. This conference is complimentary.

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Starts On Thu, 27 Oct 2022 at 09:30am
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Venue Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre Hall 403
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