Continuing Education Scheme



Continual Professional Development


The Singapore Nutrition and Dietetics Association (SNDA) is committed to the Continual Professional Development (CPD) of its members. SNDA encourages all members to be actively involved in the continual acquisition of knowledge and development of skills to maintain competence. The Association organizes continuing education events on a regular basis (see Calendar of Events ) to provide opportunities for full members to achieve this goal.



Continuing Education (CE) Scheme

What is the Continuing Education Scheme?

This is a voluntary scheme that gives recognition to dietitians and nutritionists who actively seek professional development. Eligible members will be entitled to use the designations Accredited Dietitian of Singapore (ADS) or Accredited Nutritionist of Singapore (ANS), respectively.


What are the benefits of the scheme?

The Continuing Education Scheme, together with the Accreditation scheme, are implemented for the following objectives:

  • Protect the professional title, status and function of qualified Dietitians and Nutritionists
  • Promote the continual acquisition of knowledge and development of skills to maintain competence
  • Promote excellence in dietetics and nutritional practices through recognition of appropriate education and professional development
  • Provide consumers, employers and others who seek nutrition and dietetic services or advice with a way of identifying professionals who have achieved the accreditation standard

How can SNDA members participate?

  • All full members of SNDA are eligible to participate in the Continuing Education Scheme.
  • If you are an entry level graduate Dietitian or Nutritionist Full Member you will be eligible for accreditation only after 12 months of membership with SNDA. (point of SNDA constitution).
    • The Continuing Education Scheme runs for one year, in line with the membership year (i.e. from January to December).
    • Your attendance will be recorded when you sign the attendance register at any of the SNDA-organized events. For all other activities undertaken within the membership year, you will need to submit the details via your SNDA account to request for the award of CE points.
    • Your accreditation certificate will be available for download (throughout the membership year) via your SNDA account if you have accrued adequate points and have made payment for membership for the next year (i.e. you have been awarded at least 15 points for activities undertaken between January 2019 and December 2019, and made payment for membership in 2020)
    • Your ADS/ANS certificate will not be stored in the SNDA website after the respective year is over. Please save and/or print a copy for your own reference. 

How many points are needed to obtain accreditation certificate?

The CE Subcommittee is responsible for determining the number of points for each program based on the Continuing Education Scheme. The accreditation certificate will be awarded to members who acquire at least 15 CE points in a membership year. The submission of CE activities starts on 1st January and ends on the 31st December each year. Late submissions will not be accepted.


What are the guidelines for submission?


*     Members are strongly encouraged to submit for CE claims within a month of attending an event to ensure points are approved on time

  • Please submit all your CE activities undertaken between January to November by the 30th of November each year to facilitate timely approval.
  • For CE activities completed in December please submit by 20th of December.
  • CE submission without the supporting documentation will be rejected.
  • Claims re-submitted with documentation after 31st of December will not be approved.


Which activities will be awarded CE points?

The new CE scheme encompasses professional development which recognizes and promotes both knowledge and skills development. Members are encouraged to accredit themselves with evidence-based activities. The categories and lists of CPD activities recognized by SNDA for award of CE points are listed in Table 1.

Table 1: List of Endorsed CE Activities (Updated Mar 2022)

Continuing Education (CE) Scheme




CE points

      Guidelines for submission


Professional Competence




Attending scientific lectures, meetings, conferences, workshops or seminars either locally or abroad; journal clubs; online courses or webinars


(i)  45 min to < 2 hrs

(ii)  2 to < 4 hrs

(iii) 4 to < 6 hrs

(iv) 1 full day (min 6hrs)

(v) 1.5 days (min 10hrs)

(vi) 2 or more days







(i)    1 point

(ii)   2 points

(iii)  3 points

(iv)  4 points

(v)   6 points

(vi)  8 points

Please attach 1) proof of attendance and 2) copy of scientific program.


-Accepted proof of attendance: attendance register, registration or certificate of attendance or completion


Note: invoices, receipts are not the preferred supporting documentation.

  • Members are encouraged to contact event organizer & request for certificate of attendance/ participation for events they have attended.


-Copy of scientific program for non SNDA endorsed activities must be submitted


-Journal clubs guidelines

Attendance register should indicate a) date b) time c) brief synopsis of topic discussion under event details/agenda d) member signature e) be certified by department.


-Webinar guidelines

For webinars please attach pdf of completed quiz or certificate of completion. This is the preferred supporting documentation.



Active participation in SNDA interest group (SIG) meetings/ activities

Max 4 points

per year


SIG secretary to submit attendance register for verification.

Members to attach pdf of minutes of meeting.



Reading of scientific papers / articles from peer reviewed / refereed journals.

The articles must be read within 5 years from publication date.

please submit two journal articles per entry


Max 5 points


0.5 point per article

Please attach one of the following:

  • Full article or
  • Full reference or
  • A link to article



Writing nutrition related articles / reviews (e.g. newsletters, media) – only submit if main author

Max 2 points


1 point per article/review

Please attach a copy of, or link to published article.

Non English articles: Members are requested to provide an English translation. All translations must be a complete version of the original article.



Conducting professional Lecture / Presentation / Workshop (eg. local or overseas presenter at conference

/congress/scientific meeting).

subject to CE  committee’s approval


  • This category is only applicable to                 i) members who have been invited as an external speaker to an event that has NO relationship with their working organization

ii)members representing SNDA or other professional association as a guest speaker.


  • Please do not submit community fairs/public outreach projects, or voluntary work, journal club presentations, in service talks, or if you are delivering talks to students


(i)   ≤ 30 min

(ii)  30 - 60 min

(iii) ≥ 2hrs

(iv) ½ day (min 4 hours)


Max 5 points


















(i)   1 point

(ii)  2 points

(iii) 3 points

(iv) 4 points

Please attach the following:

  • Copy of scientific program and
  • Letter of invitation or appreciation from organisation.



Attachment (minimum 1 week) (Clinical e.g. HMDP or Industry attachment)


(i)   1-2 weeks

(ii)  < 4 weeks

(iii) < 6 weeks

(iv) > 6 weeks






(i)   4 points

(ii)  5 points

(iii) 6 points

(iv) 8 points

Please provide supporting documents clearly stating:

  • Details of attachment program
  • Duration of attachment






Relevant academic course work


(i) Successful completion of a full-time coursework of one week or more duration – subject to committee’s approval


(ii) Coursework with formal qualification e.g. Diploma; Bachelor Degree; Masters Degree; or PhD

            Full Time studies

            Part-time studies





(i) 10 points





(ii) 20 points/ year for full time study


10 points/ year for part-time study


Pro-rated for studies < 1 year


Please also attach the following supporting documents clearly stating:

  • Course admission/enrolment details with duration of study
  • Course programme/syllabus
  • Certificate for postgraduate courses (when available)

Please submit for each year of study


Certificate of completion or equivalent for courses with no formal qualifications




Research (Clinical or Industry)




(i) Awarded Research Grant

                  Principal Investigator



(ii) Completion of research

                  Principal Investigator



(iii) Presentation of research findings at scientific meeting/ conference:

        Poster (Principal Investigator)

        Oral Presentation



(i) 5 points

    2 points



(ii) 5 points

     2 points





(iii) 3 points

      5 points

Please also attach relevant supporting documents for the respective activities along with a brief abstract of the project:


   (i)  Letter of award of research grant

   (ii) Letter of approval from ethics


  (iii) Letter of acceptance and

        abstract of oral or poster



Publication of research / literature review etc. in peer -reviewed / refereed journals


First author






6 points

3 points


Please attach a copy of, or link to the published article





Quality Improvement




Completion of Clinical Improvement Projects (e.g. CPIP, Relevant QI projects)


Project Leader

Team Member






4 points

2 points

Please attach the supporting documents:

  • Abstract of the project and
  • Proof of participation as a project leader or team member







Education/Supervision or Mentoring of Dietetic or Nutrition Students/Juniors (minimum of 2 weeks)

(i)              Main Placement Supervisor

(ii)             Registered Mentor of Dietetic Student/Juniors (at least 6 months)




(i) 5 points


(ii) 5 points

Please attach supporting documents stating the role and duration of involvement.

Only 1 submission per year. 






Professional Leadership


(i) SNDA

-Key Office Bearers (President, Vice-president, Treasurer, Secretary)

-Subcommittee Chairperson

-Committee member/

Chairperson/Secretary of SIG


(ii) Other Professional Associations with leadership role


  • allowed to claim only once


Max 5 points



(i) 5 points




3 points

2 points



(ii) 2-3 points



Please attach proof of your leadership role with other professional association


Note: The points indicated are only for guidance and are subject to change at the discretion of the CE subcommittee.

What is the processing fee?

There is no fee. This scheme is part of the entitlements of full membership.

How can I request for CE points for participation in CPD activities?

For activities organised by SNDA, attendance registers will be maintained to cross-reference against on-line CE submissions. For all other CPD activities recognized by SNDA according to Table 1, you will need to submit via personal on-line CE log under My CE

Where can I get additional information?

If you have queries regarding the CE scheme, you may email the Chairperson of the CE/CPD Subcommittee ( ). We aim to provide all SNDA members with continuous education opportunities for professional development. Please do share with us your thoughts on potential topics and speakers that interest you. Drop us an email to





CE points submission FAQ. 


  1. When is the last date for the CE claims submissions?
    • Answer: Please submit your CE activities undertaken between January 2021 and November 2021 by 30th November 2021. For CE activities completed in December 2021, please submit by 20th December 2021. Thank you.
  2. How and where do I check if I have met my 15 CE points?
    • Answer: Login into SNDA. You can check this under “My Points“ tab.
  3. I am a “last minute” person. Can I submit all my claims between 21st - 31st December 2022?
    • Answer: Yes, you can, but do note that this will be processed only in January 2022. Do note that there is a higher chance of your claim getting rejected if the supporting documentation is not attached.
    • SNDA encourages you to submit your claim(s) on time ie. by November 30th, 2022. If your claim(s) are rejected, you still have time to attach supporting documentation or submit more claims to meet the 15 CE points for accreditation.
  4. If I am busy and forgot to submit my claim(s) by 31st December 2021, can I still submit in January 2022?
    • Answer: No, you will not be able to submit your claim(s) from 1st January 2023. Therefore, we strongly encourage all members to submit their claims by December 20th the latest.
  5. My claim was rejected as I did not have the supporting documentation. Can I email the CE chair with the documents?  OR I have submitted my claim(s) in 2021 but uploaded the wrong supporting document(s). Can I email the CE chair with my documents?
    • Answer: Please do not email CE with the supporting documentation as CE submission(s) are required to be uploaded on the CE portal to support their CE point(s) claim for audit purposes. Claims or supporting documentation that are emailed will not be considered. We thank you for your understanding in this matter.
  6. I attended a conference and submitted a certificate for my claim. Why did it still get rejected?
    • Answer: All custom events require a programme agenda along with the certificate to help determine the correct CE point(s). Before submitting your claim, be sure to check on the guidelines for the CE award scheme.
  7. I have met my 15 CE points when will I get my accreditation certificate for 2023?
    • Answer: Your certificate of accreditation will only be available from 1st of January 2023 and upon payment of 2023 membership fees.
    • Please note that If you are an entry level graduate Dietitian or Nutritionist Full Member you will be eligible for accreditation only after 12 months of membership with SNDA.
  8. Where can I find the CE guidelines?
  9. For SNDA events:
    • I have attended the event but have not registered for CE points on the SNDA website and I am unable to register after the event? 
      • Answer: Log into your account on the SNDA website. Click on submit CE. Select the event. Upload the flyer of the event as proof of attendance. Please note: Flyer of the event is allowed as proof of attendance ONLY for events organised by SNDA (not for other events/ webinars) as our team has the verified attendance list. CE points will be approved after verification.
    • I have registered on the SNDA website for CE points before the scheduled date of the SNDA CE event. Do I need to submit for CE points?
      • Answer: No, you do not need to submit for CE points again. Your points will be manually approved at the back end of the SNDA website within a month.
  10. For Non - SNDA events
    • I have attended an event not organised by SNDA and they do not issue a CE certificate. How do I claim CE points?
      • Answer: Members are encouraged to submit claims for CE points for events that provide certificates with the delegate’s name as proof of attendance.
      • If the event does not issue a certificate, you may choose to not submit that event for CE points.
      • If you do choose to submit this event for CE points, kindly submit a screenshot or pdf of the email from the organisers confirming that they do not provide CE certificates and confirm that you have attended the event.
  11. For SNDA AGM CE event: I have attended the AGM but have not received the CE points. How do I claim my CE points?
    • Answer: CE points have already been approved for all members who had registered on the SNDA website immediately after the CE event.
    • Check your SNDA CE page, If the CE submission for AGM is pending approval, kindly write to and notify us.
    • If there is no CE submission for the AGM event and you have attended the event, click on submit CE. Select the event. Upload the flyer of the event as proof of attendance. Please note: Flyer of the event is allowed as proof of attendance ONLY for events organised by SNDA (not for other events/ webinars) as our team has the verified attendance list. CE points will be approved after verification.
  12. Help! I have issues and/or trouble uploading documents on the SNDA website. What do I do?
    • Answer: Please email and with a screenshot of the issue or error. The website team will help to guide you.
  13. I still have some questions that have not been answered in this FAQ.
    • Answer: Please direct your queries to by Nov 30th.
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