Application for Membership

Full member shall be any person holding a degree, postgraduate diploma or any other recognized professional qualification in dietetics or nutrition. Full members can be nutritionists, dietitians, health promotion officers, health educators, etc. Please note that those who wish to apply as dietitians must have a minimum of 6 months of clinical experience as part of their hospital internship. Otherwise they may be approved as Nutritionists.

Student members shall be any full-time student studying nutrition and/or dietetics at tertiary level. Student membership shall expire at the receipt of the graduation certificate and does not automatically progress to full / affiliate membership. Separate application for respective membership applies.

Persons eligible for full / affiliate membership shall not be approved for student membership. Student members shall not use their relationship with the Association to call themselves nutritionists or dietitians or any other term that infers they are nutritionists or dietitians, nor shall they practise as nutritionists or dietitians.

Note: Student members are not entitled to vote.