Date : 27-03-2017

Dear members, thank you all for joining us for our CE event and 34th AGM at Farrer Park Hotel. Hope you enjoyed the session of learning and getting together with friends and fellow professionals. We would like to seek your valuable feedback on both the CE event and the AGM, so that we can better plan our future sessions. Thank you all in advance!

25th March CE event feedback -->

34th AGM feedback (Website and Resources comm) -->

Date : 14-03-2017

Dear members, interested to see who will be our speakers for the AGM CE event? Click here to head on down to the Events listing to register!
See you on the 25th of March! 

Date : 27-02-2017

Dear all, please note that the registration fee for non-members for the SNDA AGM CE event is $77. Thank you!

Date : 23-02-2017

Check out our "Events" page to view details of our upcoming CE and 34th AGM event! SNDA members please log in to register your attendance.

Date : 23-10-2016

SNDA is proud to announce an annual subscription to the Evidence Analysis Library (EAL). SNDA members please log in with your account to access the link in the members download section. Step-by-step instuctions have also been sent to your email.

Date : 21-08-2016

Over the past few months, there has been keen interest on the link between diabetes and the consumption of refined carbohydrates such as white rice. This has generated discussions and debate among members of the public and health professionals. Some have shared their views about the comparison between rice and sugary drinks, and the basis for focusing on rice, given that our Asian ancestors have been eating rice for centuries with no apparent ill effect.

This has provided us an opportunity to communicate to the public on the benefits of whole grains consumption and the wider importance of diet quality, especially, carbohydrate quality, as part of strategy to reduce diabetes risk.  It is also timely that we share with our colleagues in the scientific and clinical community, Health Promotion Board’s (HPB) and Singapore Nutrition & Dietetics Association’s thinking underlying the reasons for adopting a carbohydrate strategy as part of primary prevention in Singapore’s War on Diabetes.

Please see our "Publications" link for the whole statement.

Date : 10-06-2016

Dear All,

The Singapore Nutrition and Dietetics Association (SNDA) main committee 2016-2018 would like to invite you to complete a survey.

This survey aims to help the current SNDA committee better understand the needs of our current and future members. Your feedback is valuable and helps us to know that we are delivering our services effectively and provides us with an opportunity for continuous improvement. This survey is anonymous and your identity would be kept confidential.

Date : 23-05-2016

A Private Practice Interest Group has been newly formed by our members.

For members who are interested to join the group, please refer to the details below for the inaugural meeting.

Date: 25th May 2016, Wednesday
Time: 11.30 - 13.30hrs
Venue: TBC
- goal setting: future aims and objectives of the group
- highlighting resources available via the BDA, DAA and South African respective freelance / private practice groups 

For registration and more details, please email the group secretary at 

Date : 17-04-2016

SNDA is now opening sponsorship for ANOTHER 3 pax for the upcoming MDA-AODA conference 2016.

We will be offering sponsorship for registration fees + partial expenses at $650 for the conference. Closing date for sponsorship application is 22 April 2016.

For the application form, please refer to secretary email.
For further details on the conference, please click here.

Date : 12-03-2015

Dear members! 

It's that time of the year again. Have you been diligent in chalking up CE points throughout the year? 

Our CE committee is going through the list of submissions so if you have already submitted yours, please be patient with us, we will review all submissions by AGM.

Please only submit for events between 1st April 2014 to 31st March 2015 

Tip: you are able to submit your CE points throughout the year.