CE points submission FAQ.
Date : 30-11-2019


1)When is the last date for the Ce claims submissions?

Answer: Please submit your Ce activities undertaken between January to November by 30th November 2019. For Ce activities completed in December, please submit by 20th December 2019. Thank you.

2) How and where do I check if I have met my 15 Ce points?

Answer:Login into SNDA. You can check this under “My Points “ tab.

3) I am a “last minute” person. Can I submit all my claims between Dec 21st - 31st 2019?

Answer: Yes you can, but do note that this will be processed only in January 2020. Do note that-there is a higher chance of your claim getting rejected if the supporting documentation is not attached.

SNDA encourages you to submit your claim(s) on time ie by November 30th .

 If your claim(s)are rejected you still have time to attach supporting documentation or submit more claims to meet the 15 Ce points for accreditation.

4) If I am busy and forgot to submit my claim(s) by 31st December 2019, can I still submit in January 2020?

Answer:  No, you will not be able to submit your 2019 claim(s) from 1st January 2020. Therefore we strongly encourage all members to submit their claims by December 20th the latest.

5) My claim was rejected as I did not have the supporting documentation. Can I email the CE chair with the documents?  


I have submitted my claim(s)in 2019 but forgot to upload the document(s). Can I email the CE chair with my documents?

Answer:Please do not email CE with the supporting documentation as Ce submission(s) are required to be uploaded on the Ce portal to support their Ce point(s) claim for audit purposes. Claims or supporting documentation that are emailed will not be considered. We thank you for your understanding in this matter.

6) I attended a conference and submitted a certificate for my claim. Why did it still get rejected?

Answer:All custom events require a programme agenda along with the certificate to help determine the correct Ce point(s). Before submitting your claim, be sure to check on the guidelines for the CE award scheme.

7) Where can I find the Ce guidelines?

Answer:Please follow this link for guidelines to the Ce award scheme.

  You can also find the guidelines under My CE page > CE category list.

8) Help! I have issues and/or trouble uploading documents on the SNDA website. What do I do?


You can try to screenshot the CE document and save it in word document before uploading. We have noticed that this method sometimes help  resolve the issue. If this doesn’t work then please email with a screenshot of the issue or error. The website team will help to guide you.

9)I still have some questions that have not been answered in this FAQ.

Answer:Please direct your queries to by Nov 30th.

Heads up:Members are to take note that there will be no Ce related email correspondence from Dec 16th 2019 -Jan 10th 2020. Apologies in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.