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About SNDA

Main Committee

SNDA is managed by the Main Committee elected by the members at the Annual General Meeting every 2 years. The Main Committee for 2022 to 2024 is as follows.
Office Bearers
Dr. Kalpana Bhaskaran
Win Nie Loh
Vice President
Karishma J Surtani
George Toh
Honorary Treasurer
Committee Members
Priscilla Darmawirya
Membership Chairperson
Shalyn Yamanaka
CE Chairperson
Pavitra Shankar
CE Co-Chairperson (CE Events)
Kua Pei San
CE Co-Chairperson (Interest Group)
Janie Jeffy
Website Chairperson
Soh Wan Keem
Public Relations Chairperson
Jacqueline Joose
Public Relations Co-Chairperson
Belinda Leow
Resources Chairperson