Accredited Professionals

SNDA Accreditation

Proficiency Standards

Accredited Dietitians are professionals with a recognised degree in nutrition and dietetics. Accredited Dietitians translate and apply the science and art of food and human nutrition to maintain and promote the health of individuals, groups, and the community, in both health and disease.

Accredited Nutritionists are professionals with a recognised degree in human nutrition. Accredited Nutritionists integrate and apply scientific knowledge to improve the health and wellbeing of individuals, communities and population as a whole.

The constitution set out the standards of proficiency for safe and effective practice that SNDA expects Accredited Dietitians in Singapore (ADS) and Accredited Nutritionists in Singapore (ANS) to meet. The standards explain the key obligations expected by SNDA of each Dietitian and Nutritionist. These standards are mainly applicable to all Dietitians and Nutritionists regardless of their area, setting or focus of practice. The broad standard statements can be used as a framework for the development of standards at a more specific level.